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I Holland hosts a regular webinar programme covering a wide range of topics. Check out our upcoming and past webinars below.

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'How to solve tabletting problems with innovative solutions.'


In this webinar, I Holland will explore how to solve common tabletting problems such as sticking, contamination, capping and abrasion through innovative means. Elimination of these problems will result in a better quality end product, not only providing direct cost savings, but also, increasing productivity for all tablet manufacturers.

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Boost your profitability - Ask our experts how to maximise your tooling productivity.’

This webinar was the chance to ask I Holland's panel of tooling experts burning questions about maximising your company’s profitability through improved productivity.

'Increase tablet production and efficiency with successful implementation.'

In this webinar we looked at what multi-tipped tooling can do for your tabletting operation, the considerations that must be taken into account before implementing multi-tipped tooling, the different types of multi-tipped tooling available and how to effectively install and maintain the performance of multi-tipped tools.

'Solving your sticking problems with Tabletting Science' - NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

This webinar looked at why tablet formulations stick to punch tip faces and how to overcome sticking using punch and die coatings. We explored how scientific techniques have been used to develop optimised anti-stick coatings for punches and dies, highlighting to tablet manufactuturers how quickly an anti-stick tooling solution can be recommended using I Hollands TSAR model, TSAR Predict. TSAR Predict uses advanced analytical techniques: Atomic Force Microscopy, Surface topography, Characterisation, Laster Profilomitery and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy to demonstrate the causes of sticking and to recommend the correct coating solution for each specific sticky formulation.

'Good Tablet Design - Its impact upon tooling performance, anti-counterfeiting and your brand.' - NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

This webinar looks at why good tablet design is so important and how this can help to eliminate potential tablet making problems from the outset. We will look at the individual elements that should be considered best practice within any tablet design process and explore how you can ensure the tooling you receive actually matches the design you have agreed. We will examine how marketing and branding can be affected if the demands of tooling performance are not considered and how a few subtle enhancements to your design can support the integrity of your brand, making your product less prone to counterfeiting.

'How a Punch & Die Maintenance SOP improves your profitability and productivity.' - NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

This webinar explored why tablet compression tools are often viewed as consumable items. I Holland believe that because they are replaceable, they shouldn't be viewed as disposable, they are the critical interface with your final product.

Most tablet manufacturing problems and tablet tooling failures can be predicted and managed. The PharmaCare 7 Step Process is a logical, planned, professional approach to tooling maintenance and storage and has been adopted by many companies around the world as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).This webinar explores how this SOP can increase your profitability and productivity.

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