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PharmaCote® CX (Chromium Nitride Extra)


An enhanced Chromium Nitride, silver grey coating that is very smooth due to our unique method of application. In addition to all the benefits of PharmaCote® CN, PharmaCote® CX offers prolonged tooling life.


  • Thickness 6-8 microns
  • Extremely smooth coating
  • Hardness 2000 Hv (est)


  • Prolonged tooling life due to thicker coating application
  • Excellent anti-stick properties
  • Superb corrosion resistance up to 13x the corrosion resistance of PharmaCote® HC
  • Good wear resistance, more than 2x the hardness of PharmaCote® CN
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain using an ultrasonic bath and light automated polishing


  • Applied to HPG-P and HPG-SS Steel
  • Applied to punches only (NOTE: all over coating supplied as standard, tip & barrel option available to optimise wear characteristics of HPG-P steel on the compression rollers).