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PharmaCote® EC Xtra (E-Chrome)


A silver grey coating providing improved anti-stick, anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties over PharmaCote® HC.


  • No micro-cracks (as can be found with Hard Chromium)
  • Coating thickness of 2-4 microns
  • Colour silver/chrome
  • Hardness 1700Hv (est.)


  • More corrosion resistant than PharmaCote® HC (due to non-porous surface)
  • More wear resistant than PharmaCote® HC
  • Will improve sticking compared to PharmaCote® HC
  • Stronger punch due to no weakening of the substrate material from hydrogen embrittlement.
  • A tougher, shock resistant punch provided at lower cost than premium coatings requiring HPG-P substrate material
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain using an ultrasonic bath and light automated polishing


  • Applied to HPG-S steel only
  • Applied to punches only (All over coating supplied as standard. Barrel & tip only available as an option)

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