The Eurostandard 2010 Edition is the most comprehensive guide available for the standardisation of tablet punches and dies. It provides guidance and advice on tooling issues and how to resolve them.

The most adopted tooling standard worldwide, it has been developed from the knowledge and experience gained from research, problem solving and innovation over many years. The 1st Edition of the Eurostandard was published 1992 when I Holland decided to gather together decades of experience in dealing with the design, manufacture and supply of high quality tablet compression tooling.

This Collection includes the new, optimised Eurostandard 2010 Technical Specification which is compatible with the ISO 18084:2005(E) – ‘Press Tools for Tablets’.

‘The Benefits of Tooling Standardisation’

To support and enhance the 2010 Technical Specification, I Holland have put together four accompanying documents covering other vital aspects of tablet compression ranging from initial tablet design and specification of appropriate punch and die materials; through to care and maintenance of tooling including simple but effective steps to problem solving.

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These documents contain useful technical information even for those not using Eurostandard specification tooling. The full collection comprises the following:

Eurostandard 2010

I Holland Eurostandard is the most comprehensive guide available for the standardisation of tablet punches and dies and is used worldwide for European built tablet presses.

Tablet Design

This document addresses the array of concepts, terminology, shapes and formulae involved in creating the diverse range of options available in modern tablet design.

Tooling Care and Mainenance

Based upon the PharmaCare® 7-Step Process, the Tooling Care and Maintenance booklet outlines effective procedures designed to enable tablet manufacturers to preserve their compaction tooling in a productive condition for as long as possible.

Tooling Materials, Treatments and Coatings

This guide takes a look at the various material options available to combat the aggressive physical or chemical nature of some formulations.


This is an easy to use troubleshooting guide that includes clear photographs and illustrations of common tooling and tabletting problems alongside a practical checklist of their probable solutions.

7-Step Pharmacare®

Learn more on I Holland's PHARMACARE® 7 Step Process

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