I Holland COVID-19 Statement

As a key supplier to the worldwide pharmaceutical industry, we wanted to re-assure our customers and partners that we are 100% committed to doing everything within our power to support your business and the fight against COVID-19.

We are aware and proud of the important role we play in these challenging times. We are very grateful to our colleagues in the global pharmaceutical industry for the work they are doing to support the treatment of this pandemic. We are with you and wanted to keep you informed about how we face this challenge:

  • We are currently operating as normal with regular lead times and our capacity has not been affected. We will do everything within our power to maintain and even increase this capacity to meet your requirements.
  • As a business, we have already taken steps to protect our workforce, changing working practices in order to maintain continuity of service. If you would like further details of these precautions, they are available in our policy document.
  • We are in regular contact with our key suppliers. We hold considerable stocks of raw material used for manufacturing tablet tooling and these are secured for many months to come.
  • We are aware that passenger flights are being cancelled and restricted worldwide but freight continues, and we are currently shipping across the globe. We will endeavour to find a practical route where restrictions apply.
  • The company maintains its Known Consignor status, so we are able to fast track our goods through airport security allowing for 24/48 hour delivery.
  • If you are working on existing medication used to treat COVID-19 we will do whatever it takes in order to deliver the tools you need. Please get in touch with us.
  • If you are working on projects to combat COVID-19 we are ready to help in any way possible. As a business, we have a collective knowledge of tablet manufacturing that runs to hundreds of years. We want to make this available to you. Please get in touch with us.
  • I Holland has a customer support network stretching across the world. They stand ready to assist you and for your convenience, you will find them listed below.
  • Our technical agents are available 24 hours a day across a wide variety of communication options: telephone, Email, Microsoft Teams, Skype, GoToMeeting, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat…
  • We are aware that many of your people will be absent or working remotely and that you may need to cross train staff and educate new staff to meet production demands. We have developed our online training system to cover these requirements and we would like to make this available to you free of charge. Anything we can do to support the continuity of your operations will be done.

As you are aware, these are volatile times and as situation changes, we will keep you up to date. We are very proud of our workforce and our industry. Together we will make a difference.

Javier Raposo
Sales & Marketing Director
I Holland Ltd
Country Name Company Name Email Business Phone
Global Support Andy Dumelow I Holland andy.dumelow@iholland.co.uk +44 7970 705544
Global Support Luke Hoskin I Holland luke.hoskin@iholland.co.uk +44 7825 007589
Global Support Javier Raposo I Holland javier.raposo@iholland.co.uk +44 7469 158981
Global Support Mina Choi I Holland mina.choi@iholland-asia.com +82 10 4870 4772
Global Support Ed Lobato I Holland ed.lobato@iholland.co.uk +55 21 99408 4699
Global Support Steve Deakin I Holland steve.deakin@iholland.co.uk +44 7970 861106
Argentina Daniel Curbelo Advance Argentina administra@advanceargentina.com +54 11 4926 1253
Australia Bruce Drysdale Fallsdell Machinery Pty, Ltd bruce@fallsdell.com.au + 61 2 9791 0933
Australia Darren Cameron Fallsdell Machinery Pty, Ltd darren@fallsdell.com.au + 61 2 9791 0933
Australia George Stam Fallsdell Machinery Pty, Ltd george@fallsdell.com.au + 61 2 9791 0933
Baltic states Victoras Voska LS Consult viktoras.voska@lsconsult.lt +37 0650 25318
Bangladesh Amir Khan Precisa Techno Trade amir@precisabd.com +880 28 931 056
Bangladesh ASM Shahjahan Precisa Techno Trade shahjahan@precisabd.com +880 28 931 056
Bolivia Alan Shave Alan W Shave & Associates awshave@gmail.com +591 720 88332
Brazil Helena Maier STEQ helena@steq.com.br +55 11 5186 9400
Brazil Ed Lobato I Holland LATAM support ed.lobato@iholland.co.uk +55 21 99408 4699
Bulgaria Radoslav Todorov Todorovi Ltd. rado_todorov@hotmail.com +359 2 9586 194
Chile Rodrigo Jeldes Ariadne rjeldes@ariadne.cl +56 223 183574
China Yutong Li Behealth Pharma qjhan@behealth-pharma.com +86 10 6738 5962
Colombia Juan Quintero Technopharmed gerencia@technopharmed.com +57 313 831 1426
Croatia Lovro Bosnic Larus Project Doo lovro.bosnic@zg.t-com.hr +385 1387 3161
Czech Republic Jakub Gsela Driga Group SRO gsela@driga.cz +420 257 924 633
Denmark Gulli Halldorsson Simul Pharma ApS gulli@simulpharma.com +45 51828267
Dominican Republic Enrique Fondeur Tecno Empaque S.R.L efondeur@tecnoempaque.com +1 809-284-1690
Egypt Alaa Borhan STADCO aborhan@stadco.com.eg +202 24184275
France Hamid Darkaoui Keyser & Mackay h.darkaoui@keymac.com
Germany Natalie Vogt Vogt Pharmatools natalie.vogt@v-gt.de +49 421330 29 876
Greece Iliana Mitsi Labochem SA iliana_mitsi@labochem.gr +30 210 92 31927
Greece John Galanopoulos Labochem SA john_galanopoulos@labochem.gr +30 2109231927
Hungary Rose Sandor Rose Sandor rose.sandor@t-online.hu +36 209 700439
India Dhaval Soni Inos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. dhaval@inos.in +91 99786 55433
India Gaurav Soni Inos Technologies Pvt. Ltd. gaurav@inos.in +91 99780 05145
Indonesia Jefri Lesilolo PT Finpac Anugerah Indonesia Ltd jefrilesilolo@yahoo.co.id +62 21 54 36 1284
Ireland Paul Furlong PMS Limited paulfpms@gmail.com +35 3518 71369
Italy Luca Bertuzzi Vis Viva bertuzzi@visviva.it +39 331 580 7837
Italy Simone Varallo Vis Viva varallo@visviva.it +39 331 618 5950
Italy Delphine Robert Vis Viva robert@visviva.it +39 075 372 4831
Italy Jonathan Gatti Vis Viva gatti@visviva.it +39 347 227 7426
Japan Tatsuhiko Nakamura Higuchi nakamura@higuchi-inc.co.jp +81 3542 05530
Japan Ryuso Fujimori Higuchi fujimori@higuchi-inc.co.jp +81 3542 05530
Middle East Joanne Smirat International Consultancy Services admin@ics-org.net +96 26 5850751
Middle East Michael Manneh International Consultancy Services manneh@ics-org.net +96 2658 0751
Malaysia Ng Soohooi i-Mach Revolution soohooi_ng@hotmail.com +60 1268 62877
Mexico Eduardo Dominguez Opus Acessores dominguezed@opus-a.com.mx +52 55 4357 6930
Pakistan Saeed Akhtar Indutrial Sourcing indussource@yahoo.com +92 21 346 80577
Panama Renzo Ciravolo Dulab Tecnica C.A. dulabcimica@cantv.net +58 2122 422168
Peru Humberto Alea Duos Pharma S.A.C humberto.alea@gmail.com +51 97 548 1144
Poland Katarzyna Dobkowska MD Consulting k.dobkowska@md-consulting.pl +48 2264 90205
Portugal Antonio Cardoso Cosolma Antoniocardoso@cosolma.com +351 228327684
Romania Marian Zloteanu Independent mzloteanu@yahoo.co.uk +40 741254263
Russia Kristina Vanda InterPharm Technology k.vanda@ift.ru +7 916 147 8173
Russia Pavel Andreev InterPharm Technology pavel@ift.ru +7 495 950 5665
South Africa Andrew Conti PakMax andrewconti@pakmax.co.za +27 11 2345366
South Africa Helen Griffiths PakMax helengriffiths@pakmax.co.za +27 11 234 5366
South Africa Joanna Wylie PakMax joannawylie@pakmax.co.za +27 11 234 5366
Spain Marta Esteban Viclina Pack marta@viclinapack.com +34 93118 5000
Spain Victor Carrera Viclina Pack victor@viclinapack.com +34 93118 5000
Tunisia Fathi Bahri Societe Tunisienne Medicale sotumed@hexabyte.tn +216 98315195
USA & Canada Luke Hoskin I Holland Ltd luke.hoskin@iholland.co.uk +44 7825 007589
Turkey Asli Akyurekli Tema Kozmetik Ilac Makina asli.akyurekli@temacons.com +90 532 362 7664
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