Reducing costs per tablet should be the goal of any productivity improvement program and this can be achieved by designing the appropriate tablet and specifying the correct steel augmented by an appropriate tool coating. This is only the start though, what is absolutely vital is to manage and maintain your tooling inventory. It’s simply good business sense – if you store your punches and dies correctly you will produce a better product for longer, reduce costs and enhance profitability.

Tool Maintenance

Our PharmaCare® 7-Step Process is a planned, professional maintenance programme which will contribute more than it costs to your company’s turnover. PharmaCare® assists with cGMP compliance, ensuring effective maintenance, validation and storage of all punches and dies.



Tool Management

The I Holland Tool Management System is an affordable system that allows you to proactively monitor tooling rotations, tooling inventory and tooling maintenance. Alerts will inform of over compression and if replacements or schedule maintenance is required. The comprehensive system ensures you keep up with regulatory requirements.


We offer support and guidance through a programme of training and education held at I Holland’s training facility or at your premises. Our tablet tooling maintenance experts help you recognise, diagnose and correct many tooling and tabletting issues before they become a problem that will seriously affect tablet press downtime and tablet output.

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PharmaCare® 7 Step Audit and Standard Operating Procedure

Tablet compression tools are often viewed as consumable items but I Holland believe that just because they are replaceable they shouldn’t be viewed as disposable. We believe that well maintained and carefully stored tools will improve your profitability and the return on your investment. The successful adoption of I Holland’s PharmaCare® 7 Step Process will help to limit tablet press downtime and consequently improve productivity. I Holland’s PharmaCare® 7 Step Process is a program of professional planned maintenance and audit which has been designed to outline an appropriate method for the maintenance of tablet compression tooling, ensuring it is clean, serviceable and within specification, whenever it is required. The 7 Step Process audit will review your current practices and highlight the recommended improvements. What will it do for your business?