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I Holland Americas Sales & Technical Support Center located in Fort Myers, Florida was launched in September 2011 with a very well received 2 day technical seminar. This event took place on Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st and is the first of what will be a programme of planned events.


The technical seminar consists of presentations and demonstrations designed to show how tablet manufacturers can increase their productivity through early recognition and remedy of common tabletting and tooling issues, combined with the use of the PharmaCare® 7-Step Process. The 7-Step process can be used to recommend an S.O.P. for all tooling care and maintenance requirements. There is an opportunity to get hands on with this equipment which is showcased at the new facility, where customers can bring their own samples to see how these practices can work on their own tooling.



  • Introduction to the full facility and services of I Holland Americas
  • Troubleshooting Tabletting Problems – recognising frequently encountered problems, causes and efficient solutions
  • Troubleshooting Tooling Problems – recognising frequently encountered problems, causes and efficient solutions
  • Steels, Treatments and Coatings – A look at innovations in materials and coatings used to combat many issues in tablet tooling with particular reference to sticking
  • The PharmaCare® 7-Step Process – a recommended SOP to follow, establishing good punch and die maintenance practices
  • Increasing Productivity – An insight into how all these processes combined with other innovations can help to increase your output. If you would like to attend a future seminar or arrange a visit please contact Paul Rodriguez for further details.



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