iTAB is I Holland’s unique tablet design software, aiding the design and calculation of key tablet parameters, while also performing stress analysis for round and shape tool tips in 3 easy steps.

Custom designed by the I Holland Design Team, iTAB incorporates over 70 years of tablet tooling design experience & expertise. iTAB is Microsoft® Windows based, compatible with modern, common place PC specifications and operating systems.


  • Used with Microsoft®Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7.
  • Quick 3 step design & analysis process with final report generation.
  • 2D tablet drawings produced.
  • Calculation of tablet design parameters in real time (volume, mass, density, surface area) as user modifies tablet dimensions (diameter, cup depth, radii).
  • Integrated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) used to generate tool tip stress analysis & maximum safe working load data.
  • 3D dynamic rotation of tool tip stress analysis.
  • Key statistics (volume, mass, density, surface area, etc.) automatically included in final report.
  • Reports easily saved, printed or transferred to I Holland via semi-automatic email feature.
  • Simple & easy to find and use the help and tutorial files.


  • Compatible with modern PC specifications & operating systems.
  • No technical knowledge or expertise required, saving time & costs of training.
  • Consistency of standard drawing data.
  • Automatic update of dimensions, promoting greater design understanding.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Immediate & accurate data produced, allows for instant decision making.
  • Enables review of tool tip stress analysis, allowing good understanding of stress areas.
  • Complex calculated data formatted simply for easy reference.
  • Quickly & easily send I Holland information for complex design issues, allowing for focus on other core business areas.
  • Provides all training requirements for users.

iTAB Minimum PC Specification

  • Intel P4 or AMD Athlon Processor.
  • 3GHz CPU with 256MB RAM & 1GB Free Disk Space.
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 / Non-integrated Graphics card with 64MB Memory & Open GL / DirectX Acceleration.
  • CD-ROM Drive.
  • 3 Button Mouse / Pointing Device.
  • USB Port.
  • Microsoft®Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7 Operating Systems.
  • Microsoft®Internet Explorer.
  • Flash player Plugin.
  • Adobe Reader Freeware.
  • Where possible an Internet Connection is of benefit, but not essential.

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