7-Step PharmaCare® Process

Maintenance Process

The 7-Step PharmaCare® Process

Our optimal maintenance process greatly reduces tablet press downtime and compression issues.

Step 01: Clean

Our ultrasonic cleaning systems remove granulate residue and allows tools to be thoroughly inspected.

Step 02: Assess

High-magnification cameras and lenses can be used to inspect and identify any maintenance needed.

Step 03: Repair

Light surface damage and corrosion can be fixed using a range of tools and equipment.

Step 04: Measure

A combination of conventional and digital equipment can be used to ensure that tools remain within tolerance.

Step 05: Polish

A mirror finish and smooth tooling surface is recommended through automated polishing systems.

Step 06: Lubricate

Lubrication protects against rust and corrosion and optimises the interface between the tooling and press.

Step 07: Store

Correct storage maximises security, safety and minimises potential damage.