I Holland launches special PharmaCare discount offer

Introducing our PharmaCare discount offer! Get a great saving on the most recommended (and requested!) pieces of equipment.

Don’t let the rust set in – Protect your tablet tooling

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R.E.A.L. Foundation Trust Charity Golf Day

On Friday, 8th July 2022, I Holland took part in the annual R.E.A.L. Foundation Trust (RFT) charity golf day at Rufford Park Golf & Country Club.

Troubleshooting Seminar – October 2023

A comprehensive, 2 day seminar designed to identify & address common problems encountered during modern tablet production. We will discuss how elements of punch & die design, tooling specification & aftercare can all impact the compression process.

Tabletting problems solved: Pharma & abrasion

Mini case study no. 5. How a customer compressing a pharmaceutical product experienced tool breakages from an abrasive granule, trippled their tooling life.

Tabletting problems solved: Pharma & sticking

Mini case study no. 4: A customer fighting the pandemic reported issues of sticking, picking and capping. After a change in material selection, they now report no issues.

How to keep tablet tooling in check to meet standards

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Tabletting problems solved: Vitamins & abrasion

90 thousand extra tablets per hour, 80% production output increase,129 extra batches from tooling lifespan…  Product name & dosage: Multivitamin Tablet: Capsule – 19 x 8mm Tooling type: Multi-tip – Eurostandard D Press type: Fette 2090 and 3090 Problem: The multivitamin being compressed was very abrasive and the existing tooling supplied by a competitor could not be used after 5 batches of production […]

Tabletting problems solved: Confectionery & tip wear

Product name & dosage: Confectionery (gum) Tablet: Square – 8.5 x 7.5mm Tooling type: Eurostandard B Press type: Fette P3000 – 55 Station Problem: Using a competitors tools, the customer was experiencing premature punch tip wear and misalignment between the punches and dies. Their tools were lasting a maximum of 6 months. To make things worse, they were also facing several […]

Tabletting problems solved: Ibuprofen & sticking

Product name & dosage: Ibuprofen – 400mg Tablet: 10.5mm Tooling type: Eurostandard B Press type: Fette 2090i – 45 Station Problem: The customer had always struggled to compress this formulation due to issues with sticking and overall product robustness. This meant having to run the press at low speeds to increase dwell time and manufacture a tablet in the specification. However, […]