Online Training

It’s not always possible to release key staff to take part in training all at once on specific days,
so we have developed the next best thing… I Holland's Online Training.

Take advantage of our 75+ years of experience in tabletting science and discover a wide selection of courses on tablet compression tooling. Course topics include terminology, production problems, maintenance, tooling problems, and much more... All lessons are comprised of a variety of animations, illustrations, videos, diagrams and interactive quizzes to provide an engaging learning experience. The platform is perfect for all learning abilities, and anyone wanting to improve their tablet compression tooling knowledge.

A hierarchical system means a full audit trail and tracking of employee development and certification.  A compartmentalised structure can be used across different departments, job roles, sites and even countries. Plus, the platform is accessible through a variety of devices, meaning that no designated training facility is required and the system can even be accessed on the go for busy operatives and managers alike.

I Holland Online Training
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