Bellows & Drip Cups

Granule contamination during the tabletting process can cause costly manufacturing problems. Punch Bellows and Drip Cups help to prevent tablet and punch guide contamination during the tablet compression process. All silicone Bellows and Drip cups supplied by I Holland are 100% FDA compliant.

In addition to our standard bellows and drip cups, I Holland have now developed a range that are identifiable by standard metal detection equipment.

Bellows & Drip Cups: Download PDF

Universal Seal Groove

A traditional standard seal groove allows the fitting of drip cups to punches.


I Hollands innovative Universal Seal Groove provides all the benefits of a standard seal groove plus the option of fitting bellows.


Both prevent granule contamination.  


Universal Seal Groove: Download PDF


Rotating head tooling allows the head to rotate independently to the punch body, providing a ‘bearing’ between the punch head and cams.

Watch our video on the left for the design. 


Die Alignment Tool

The die alignment tool is used in conjunction with multi-tipped and shaped punches. It aligns the die bores relative to the keyways in the turret guides to allow all dies to be fitted rapidly and accurately without damage to an upper punch.


Universal Seal Groove: Download PDF

Wash in Place (WIP) Keys

Designed with Wash In Place (WIP) solutions in mind, this coated key is extremely resistant to corrosion. When partnered with the appropriate PharmaGrade® steel, this is the ideal tool for WIP presses.