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2 Tooling Design
3 Tablet & Tip Design
4 Material Selection
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Multi-Tipped Tooling
Reinforced Lowers & Recessed Dies?
Seal Groove, Drip Cups & Bellows?
Seal Groove, Drip Cups & Bellows Required?

Upper Punch Seal Groove
Lower Punch Seal Groove
Bellows Required?
Drip Cups Required?


Please note: Rota-heads are not compatible with XDF
Tapered Dies
Die Tapers
eXtended Dwell Flat (XDF)

Please note: XDF requires a key, even for round tooling and is not compatible with rota-heads

Rotating Tip

Anti-Turn Key

Bakelite Relief/Die Scraper

Rotating Tip Required?
Keys Required?
Bakelite Relief Required?
Drawing Upload - Tablet Reference
If you have attached tablet drawings or provided an I Holland reference number, you can go straight to the 'Material Selection' step
Tablet Shapes & Profiles
Tablet Shapes
Tablet Profiles
Tip Detail & Embossing
Upper Punch Tip Detail
Tip DetailEmbossing
Tip Detail UpperBreaklines
Lower Punch Tip Detail
Tip DetailEmbossing
Tip Detail LowerBreaklines
Is alignment of embossing or breakline on upper & lower faces required?
Formulation Characteristics
Please rate the characteristics of your formulation (Not required if coating known)
If the formulation is sticky we can provide a FREE TSAR anti-stick prediction if you know some of the information below
Does this formulation attract water? (Hydrophilic)
Add 2nd API?
Add 3rd API?
Add 4th API?
Add 2nd Excipient?
Add 3rd Excipient?
Add 4th Excipient?
Add 5th Excipient?
Steel & Coating Selection
Standard Steel Punch Coating
Premium Steel Punch Coating
Stainless Steel Punch Coating
Powder Metallurgy Steel Punch Coating
Polyester Insert OptionsClick here for more details on polyester insert material options
Die Coating
Additional Comments
Delivery TimeWe live in a frantic world where things don’t always go as planned. I Holland acknowledges you may have urgent tooling needs and offers an expedited manufacturing service at extra cost. This service is subject to availability at the time of the order.
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