Tablet specification issues can take many forms and below we look at three of the most common problems along with their possible solutions. There are many other challenges that may need to be addressed so please get in touch with us if yours is not covered here. 

Tablet Hardness

This specifically refers to friability and the structural integrity of the finished product. It is an important parameter not only for the downstream processes such as coating, packaging, storage and transportation but also for the friability and solubility of the finished product.

Tablet Weight Variation

Tablet weight is obviously an important aspect in tablet manufacture as it controls the dosage of the final product.  This is especially critical within the pharmaceutical industry. Tablet weight variation is defined as inconsistent tablet weight or mass across samples from within a batch. 

Uneven Breakage

Many tablets are designed to be broken into smaller dosages with functional breaklines. When they break unevenly the dose can be incorrectly controlled. Again this is particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry where dosage is critical.

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Specification Solutions

Professional Tablet and Tooling Design

One of the key elements in achieving correct hardness and even breakage is an appropriate design.

Professional Tablet Design

Tool Maintenance & Management Systems

Ensure tooling is within specification with the Pharmacare 7-Step Process and I Holland’s Tool Management System

Planned Management & Maintenance

Appropriate Dwell Time

I Holland’s patented eXtended Dwell Flat (XDF) tooling can increase dwell time without slowing your press down.

Appropriate Dwell

Customer Experience - Design Is Key

The design of a tablet is crucial to a well-made end product. Without considering basic but important design processes like shape, profile and breakline, the tablet will simply not work. Professional tooling designers can take all these variables into account during the initial design and concept stage, resulting in an easily manufactured quality tablet.

Many billions of tablets need to be produced quickly and efficiently, the requirement for tablet manufacturers to look at design specifications prior to processing should be a primary consideration.

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