Tabletting problems solved: Ibuprofen & sticking

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Product name & dosage: Ibuprofen – 400mg

Tablet: Shape – 10.5mm

Tooling type: Eurostandard B

Press type: Fette 2090i – 45 Station

The customer had always struggled to compress this formulation due to issues with sticking and overall product rosbustness. This meant having to run the press at low speeds to increase dwell time and manufacture a tablet in the specification. However, this also meant reducing tablet output and affecting production efficiency.

I Holland recommended and supplied punch sets with the XDF (eXtended Dwell Flat) head as this would potentially have benefits against all of the issues the customer was experiencing.

Multiple press speeds were trialed with the new XDF tooling. Sample tablets collected from each run confirmed the trial was successful as all met the acceptance criteria. The success of implementing XDF tooling meant the customer increased production by 50% of their previous output, totaling an extra 75,000tph.T

This solution is not only for the press and tooling above…it could be applied to your production setup as well. Contact us below.   

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