Tabletting problems solved: Pharma & sticking

Helping fight the pandemic...


Product name & dosage: Pharmaceutical

Tablet: Round bisect with embossing

Tooling type: B-Type

Press type: Fette 2080

 During the COVID19 pandemic, early drug trials were showing positive results reducing the symptoms of Coronavirus. Our customer was one of the first to start manufacturing one of these early products at a request of one of their customers. Their customer had reported previous manufacturing issues such as sticking, picking and capping. They were using competitor tools manufactured from S7 steel, and they only managed to produce a good tablet after 5 batches of trying.

 We ran the product details through our TSAR analysis which resulted in PharmaCote CN+ being the best suited coating for their product. The customer accepted our advice and saw this as their best chance of manufacturing product without any delays and getting product into important trials to fight the COVID pandemic. 

The customer was able to produce excellent tablets from the very start. They reported no issues and completed their first validation batch without any problems or concerns.

This solution is not only for the press and tooling above…it could be applied to your production setup as well. 


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