Ensuring tablet punches and dies are kept in optimum condition to produce high quality tablets is critical for your productivity and Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). This will also give you, your customers, auditors and regulators peace of mind by ensuring full compliance and traceability.

Unfortunately tablet compression tools have often been viewed as consumable items and maintenance can be seen as unnecessary and time consuming. This is a false assumption that can be costly. Keeping your tooling in good working condition reduces tablet press downtime and compression problems.  The vast majority of punch and die problems can be conclusively traced back to poor handling and maintenance procedures.

I Holland recommends following a simple 7-Step tool care process to help our customers achieve optimum lifetime and performance from our tablet tooling.


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The Process

Tooling should be thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove any oil or product residue.

Visually inspect tooling for signs of obvious damage and establish if maintenance is required.

Light surface corrosion and damage can be polished out and repaired to extend tool life.

Essential after repair and recommended at regular intervals to ensure that critical tooling dimensions remain within tolerance.

Quality polishing will result in a smooth mirror finish to minimise tabletting issues.

Lubrication is important to protect, preserve and aid the smooth operation of the tablet press.

Specially designed storage cabinets should be used to maximise security, safety and minimise potential damage.

Training and Technical Support

I Holland believe in sharing our experience and knowledge with our partners, through a programme of training and education including seminars, webinars, onsite and online training. We are able to offer a wide range of tuition and support, whether it be at our training facility in Nottingham, England or on-site at customer premises. Our tablet tooling experts can help customers recognise, diagnose and correct many tooling and tabletting issues before they become a problem that will seriously affect tablet press downtime and tablet output. Click below for more information.

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