punch inspection

Following cleaning, punches and dies should be assessed visually to determine their general condition allowing the user to identify the repair and polishing work required, if any.

punch assessment

Inspection and assessment can be carried out visually using an eye glass or a high magnification camera / lens.

Visual Inspection

Visual inspection importantly allows for tooling life to be monitored and potential failure predicted. It also ensures that tablet detail and definition are maintained and helps to validate the cleaning and maintenance procedures.

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Our Punches are able to incorporate the Universal Seal Groove, which allows Bellows to be fitted onto upper punches forming a flexible seal between the turret and the punch barrel thus reducing the risk of oil contamination from the machine’s lubrication system. Drip Cups can also be fitted to the Universal Seal Groove, allowing the user a choice of solutions. The Universal Seal Groove can be applied to I Holland Euro ‘B’ and ‘D’ type Punches. Alternatively, it is possible to fit the Universal Seal Groove to any Punch type provided that the tablet compression tooling design will accommodate the required fixing groove and the punch barrel diameter does not exceed the Bellows dimensions.