Measuring is essential after polishing and repair, as well as at regular intervals, to ensure that critical tooling dimensions have stayed within tolerance. The critical dimensions to measure are working length and overall length. Other key dimensions that can be checked include: head form, barrel diameter, tip diameter, die outer diameter and die bore diameter


Measurement can be carried out manually using conventional equipment such as micrometers, height gauges, go/ no-go gauges. However, using digital equipment interfaced with our simple but powerful Tool Management System, the data can be captured, analysed and used to control tooling life-cycles as well as satisfy audit and regulatory requirements.


The use of digital measurement systems allow for measurements to be taken consistently, reducing the risk of manual data entry errors. Measurement is essential for validating the tooling specification and maintaining tablet weight and hardness thus avoiding non-conforming tablet production. It also allows for the proactive monitoring of the tooling inventory and the prediction of tooling replacements resulting in an improved return on investment.

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Our Punches are able to incorporate the Universal Seal Groove, which allows Bellows to be fitted onto upper punches forming a flexible seal between the turret and the punch barrel thus reducing the risk of oil contamination from the machine’s lubrication system. Drip Cups can also be fitted to the Universal Seal Groove, allowing the user a choice of solutions. The Universal Seal Groove can be applied to I Holland Euro ‘B’ and ‘D’ type Punches. Alternatively, it is possible to fit the Universal Seal Groove to any Punch type provided that the tablet compression tooling design will accommodate the required fixing groove and the punch barrel diameter does not exceed the Bellows dimensions.