Automated polishing is recommended to ensure punches are evenly polished to a consistent finish. Automated polishing ensures optimum and consistent tooling condition for maximum productivity, a reduced risk of damage compared to manual processes, reduced sticking, and saved labour costs.


Manual polishing using diamond paste or a dental motor can also be performed. However, this is an abrasive polishing method and care must be taken not to deform the tip profile and embossing causing a deviation from the tablet specification.


Extensive polishing of die bores is not recommended as this can easily alter the size and geometry of the bore leading to ejection problems and incorrect tablet size, weight and dosage. Only light polishing or cleaning should be undertaken. Polishing should result in a mirror finish and smooth tooling surface.

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Our Punches are able to incorporate the Universal Seal Groove, which allows Bellows to be fitted onto upper punches forming a flexible seal between the turret and the punch barrel thus reducing the risk of oil contamination from the machine’s lubrication system. Drip Cups can also be fitted to the Universal Seal Groove, allowing the user a choice of solutions. The Universal Seal Groove can be applied to I Holland Euro ‘B’ and ‘D’ type Punches. Alternatively, it is possible to fit the Universal Seal Groove to any Punch type provided that the tablet compression tooling design will accommodate the required fixing groove and the punch barrel diameter does not exceed the Bellows dimensions.