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It is not just the tooling that is important when talking about optimised manufacturing processes. The importance of well trained, skilled and knowledgeable operators, technicians, supervisors and managers is essential.


I Holland have the longest established program of technical seminars and training courses in the business. Our technical experts speak at events all over the world and we are proud to welcome guests from many countries to our UK headquarters in Nottingham. However, we understand face to face is not always possible and we are happy to say that we can provide flexible alternatives to ensure you meet your training requirements in the easiest way possible.

If you need training or advice on any aspect of tablet tooling we believe in partnership and sharing our knowledge in a way that is effective and convenient to your needs.

Seminars & Training​

At I Holland, we pride ourselves on sharing knowledge and experience with all of our partners around the world. We have a variety of training options available to suit busy schedules and can conduct training either at your site or at I Hollands facility in Nottingham, England. Whatever your and your business requirements, we tailor training to suit you. 


Agent Network​

We have a worldwide network of over 40 local agents who are supported by technical managers. Together, they visit customers in over 100 countries around the world on a regular basis. All of this is backed up by our experts with hundreds of years of combined industry knowledge and experience. 


In today’s busy tablet production environment it isn’t always easy to find the time to meet face. This isn’t a problem, we run an extensive program of webinars and web meetings so that we can deliver our knowledge and expertise at your convenience and at a time and location that suits you.

Manage Your Learning Flexibly

We recognise that it’s not always possible to release key staff to take part in training all at once on specific days, so we have developed the next best thing… I Holland Online Training.  


I Holland Online Training gives you a large selection of multi-media materials to provide an engaging online learning experience. Courses are comprised of a variety of animations, illustrations, videos, diagrams and interactive quizzes. This training takes advantage of materials developed from I Holland’s 70+ years of experience and we have developed a range of modules to cover your needs. In addition, these can be customised to individual company requirements.

Our online training platform is perfect for any director, manager or supervisor who wants to improve employee knowledge in areas of tablet compression tooling.


A hierarchical system means that there is full audit and tracking of employee development and certification. A  training certificate can be issued upon completion of each course with easy tracking of when this needs to be updated.  A compartmentalised structure can be used across different departments, job roles, sites and even countries for comparison purposes.


The system is accessible through a variety of devices, meaning that no designated training facility is required and the system can even be accessed on-the-go for busy operatives and managers alike.

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