Unauthorised access to email server leads to prison sentence for Adamus HT Director Mr Lee Wardall

After identifying leaks of commercially sensitive information, I Holland investigated and reported their evidence to the police. The police investigation resulted in the arrest of ex-I Holland employee, Lee Wardall. Mr Wardall was put on trial by the Crown Prosecution Service and sentenced to 6 months in prison (suspended for 24 months). Mr Wardall was also ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work supervised by the probation service.

Mr Wardall left I Holland in February 2014 and after a short period working for another company he joined ADAMUS HT as Director of Customer Service.

The security breach that allowed Mr Wardall to access this commercial information has now been sealed and I Holland ‘s systems are stronger than ever. I Holland would like to emphasise that this did not allow access to any highly confidential data such as customer bank details or tablet drawings.

In today’s world of increasing electronic documentation, I Holland takes security and confidentiality extremely seriously. We continuously monitor suspicious on-line activity to safeguard both our intellectual property and our customers’ information. I Holland will report any hacking attempt to the authorities and pursue any criminal activity to the fullest extent of the law.


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