Drawing Approval Guide

To make the process of checking and approving drawings more efficient, the below will assist in the review and signing of all tablet and tool drawings. The check points listed below will direct you to the key areas ensuring your ordered products conform to the correct specification.

The views are generic, therefore if you have requested any special features or specifications, please ensure these are detailed in your drawings.

If you require assistance completing this process, please contact a member of our Design Team by using the web chat icon on the bottom right of the screen and selecting ‘Drawing/Specification Enquiries’.

Tablet Drawing


Tool Drawing


Border check points:

  • Product name
  • Max. press force
  • Drawing number and revision
  • Tablet shape
  • Face designation

Border check points:

  • Drawing title & standard (e.g. Euorstandard, TSM6, etc.)
  • Drawing number and revision

Critical check points:

Critical check points:

  • Nominal tablet size
  • Cup profile
  • Punch cup depth

  • Breakline details

  • Embossing details

  • Anti-pick features

  • Overall length

  • Working length

  • Barrel diameter

  • Head diameter

  • Tip size (inc. tolerances)

  • Tip to key angle & position from head

  • Bi-layer (stem length)
  • Seal groove type
  • Die height

  • Die diameter

  • Die bore size (inc. tolerances)

  • Die pore tapers

Special Cases:

Raised Breakline Detail


Consider total tool length is gauged from top of the breakline to ensure punch separation is maintained.

Ensure raised breaklines do not interfere with any press components.

eXtended Dwell Flat (XDF)


Ensure head aligns to compression rollers and cam track correctly.

Please note that not all points will feature on all drawings.

Information can also be found in the I Holland Eurostandard 2010 specification.