Confectionery & tip wear

Selection of coated punches

Product name & dosage: Confectionery (gum)

Tablet: Square – 8.5 x 7.5mm

Tooling type: Eurostandard B

Press type: Fette P3000 – 55 Station

 Using a competitors tools, the customer was experiencing premature punch tip wear and misalignment between the punches and dies. Their tools were lasting a maximum of 6 months. To make things worse, they were also facing several issues during sugar coating because the damaged punch tip was resulting in core erosion, flashing and edge chipping.

 After a site visit confirming the turret was in general good condition, and performing a TSAR~Predict, I Holland recommended and supplied punch sets with a steel and coating combination designed for nutraceutical production. To help with alignment issues, we also supplied an alignment tool.

Success: After introducing the new coating and using the die alignment tool, the customer have confirmed the new tool sets are running well with no issues. Furthermore, the coating process has improved and has saved the customer both time and money.