New launch HNC Laser – Non-contact measuring system


The HNC Laser is the latest addition to I Holland`s PharmaCare® range. Designed to accurately measure the overall and working length of any punch, including multi-tipped tooling, the HNC Laser allows for critical punch dimensions to be measured with no contact to the delicate punch tip face. This dramatically reduces the risk of damage to tablet tooling that may potentially lead to an increase in tablet production problems such as sticking.

The super accurate laser displacement sensor allows for 0.05 micron repeatability across the tool set ensuring critical length dimensions are tightly controlled and helping to avoid issues such as tablet weight variation. The HNC Laser can be fully integrated with I Holland`s Approve® system for a complete measurement solution incorporating tip diameter, barrel diameter, concentricity and die bore diameter.

Measurement is a critical stage of I Holland`s recommended 7-step PharmaCare® process helping punch and die users to ensure that critical tooling dimensions have stayed within tolerance following any tool polishing or repair work. It also helps to ensure proactive monitoring of their tooling inventory.

For further information on HNC Laser, Approve® or any other aspect of the 7 step PharmaCare® process please email