Introducing our brand new Online Training platform

I Holland Online Training

I Holland have launched an online training programme to help pharma professionals keep up to date with the latest industry technology. The company’s e-learning programme offers professionals comprehensive and flexible courses across a range of disciplines. I Holland launched the programme in response to the growing demand from pharma professionals to learn about how technology is being used within the industry. Training managers and supervisors will be able to track and report on how each employee is developing, with the programme issuing a certification once each course is complete. The programme includes a variety of subjects which will offer pharma professionals everything from introductions to tooling, maintaining tooling equipment, and how to improve productivity. We believe in supporting those in manufacturing who are looking to improve their technical skills and understanding of tablet compression tooling. However, we recognise that in a busy modern manufacturing environment, people can’t always be available to attend training and seminars. With that in mind, we have created I Holland’s Online Training courses. They are designed for everyone from director level to engineers and operators looking to improve their knowledge in areas of tablet compression tooling.