New launch PharmaCote® EC punch coating


PharmaCote® EC is the latest addition to I Holland`s comprehensive range of tool coatings. It is an excellent general purpose coating capable of addressing a combination of production issues such as sticking, corrosion and wear. It is also a great alternative to traditional hard chromium coatings over which corrosion resistance, wear resistance and anti-stick properties are all improved. As with all PharmaCote® coatings, tool care is very straight forward using an ultrasonic bath followed by light automated polishing. PharmaCote® EC is available as an all over coating, or is applied to the tip and barrel only.

Other coatings in the PharmaCote® range include PharmaCote® HC & HC+ (Hard Chromium) for general corrosion and wear resistance; PharmaCote® CN and CN+ (Chromium Nitride) for a premium anti-stick solution; PharmaCote® TN (Titanium Nitride) for general purpose wear resistance; PharmaCote® RS (Resilient Surface) for a premium anti-abrasion solution; and PharmaCote® DN (Dymonic) for general purpose anti-stick, anti-corrosion and anti-wear characteristics.

For further information on PharmaCote® EC and other coatings in the Holland PharmaCote® range, please contact: