New product: eXtended Dwell Flat


New XDF – Make better tablets

XDF (eXtended Dwell Flat) is I Holland’s innovative patented elliptical head form designed to increase dwell time on your existing press without the need for time consuming and expensive modifications. Designed to run on standard cams it will help you achieve higher press speeds with challenging products and formulations.

It will enhance tablet compaction and cohesion and can increase dwell time by up to 50% over a standard punch head allowing more dwell than a D-type punch on a B-type tool. This allows you to solve dwell problems without upsizing your punches or making a capital outlay on a new press.

  • Extended dwell time
  • Elliptical head flat
  • Improve productivity
  • Designed to run standard cams
  • Solve dwell time problems without upsizing punches
  • More than D-type dwell on B-type punch
  • Allows faster press operation
  • Enhanced tablet compaction