New service predicts solutions for tablet tooling sticking problems

Punch showing sticking issues

Leading global tablet tooling specialist, I Holland, has introduced a revolutionary new service, TSAR Predict which will put an end to time-consuming and expensive field trials by offering a solution to stop tablet tooling sticking problems.

TSAR Predict was born after the completion a two year TSAR (Tabletting Science Anti-Stick Research) project in collaboration with the University of Nottingham’s School of Pharmacy and experts from the Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis in the UK. The aim of the project was to investigate and solve the universal tablet manufacturing problem of sticking. The information has now resulted in a unique service that accurately forecasts the correct anti-stick PharmaCote® coating solution for any formulation.

Rob Blanchard, R & D Manager from I Holland, explains: “TSAR Predict is a completely unique service and one that we have been working on since 2012, when TSAR began. The project formed part of I Holland s Tabletting Science programme and was developed to investigate the cause of formulation sticking to punch tip faces, by developing a predictive tool to recognise the correct punch or die coating solution for sticky formulations without carrying out in-the-field testing. This is a long and arduous process of running a set of punches on tablet presses, which is expensive and time-consuming, and takes time out of tablet production. TSAR Predict is the result of the intensive two year project and offers answers to customer questions, recommending the right coating solution quickly.

“Not only is this a unique service, but it is also free, as part of I Holland’s customer care service. It is very simple to use; all we need is the name of the API or main component of the formulation, or if the API is confidential, we can work with the basic characteristic information on key physical properties to come up with a solution.”

Sticking is one of the main problems in tablet manufacture; by definition it is the build-up of  granule  on the punch tip face, and has a negative effect on tablet appearance amongst other things and results in removing tablet tooling from production for regular cleaning and maintenance, which leads to tablet press downtime and reduced tablet output.

Because sticking is such a wide-spread problem within the industry, the new TSAR Predict service will help to put an end to this phenomenon. There are many factors that influence sticking including Van Der Waals, Capillary action and morphology, to name but a few. The TSAR project investigated all of these and came up with an easy solution in TSAR Predict.

I Holland s research into the cause of sticking started several years ago with the development of the PharmaCote® range of coatings. The TSAR project and the resulting TSAR Predict tool was the natural progression of this research to give customers an even better service offering.