New website launch 2023


The new I Holland website has launched! The new and improved website features a sleeker design and fresh new features. With a focus on improving ease of use and creating a more dynamic customer experience, the website features an online shop allowing for quick and easy quotes on products, updated company news, problem solving articles and much more.

The focus of the new online shop is to allow customers to browse the Pharmacare products on offer as a part of I Holland’s 7-step PharmaCare process which informs on correct tooling maintenance that’ll keep tools working efficiently for as long as possible. The catalogue of items available online to be quoted reflect the products as shown in I Holland’s new PharmaCare brochures.

Marianna D’Onghia, Marketing Executive at I Holland says: “We’re excited to bring our customers something that reflects I Holland’s values, especially our mantra of ‘continuous improvement’.

“The website is the first thing a lot of people see and when they think of I Holland we want them to think quality – quality tooling, quality website”, she adds.

I Holland is aware that the world of tablet compression tooling can be challenging with many technical challenges, industry terms and unique innovations making it difficult to understand the industry.

For this reason, we’ve included an ‘About I Holland’ tab which clarifies who we are and what our mission is, as well as giving access to a catalogue of problem-solving case studies and articles to clarify common problems faced by tablet manufacturers. For those wishing to keep informed on the latest activity at I Holland the ‘About’ section will also be frequently updated with news and events.

I Holland is constantly growing and as part of that growth our website has introduced a careers page, keeping potential employees informed about vacancies and apprenticeships. I Holland’s employee turnover rate speaks for itself, with some staff having been employed for over 40 years.

Even with all these features up and running, we’re is not finished yet, with more features expected to be added soon.