Vitamins & abrasion

Monoblock Multi-tip punch and die

90 thousand extra tablets per hour, 
80% production output increase,
129 extra batches from tooling lifespan… 

Product name & dosage: Multivitamin

Tablet: Capsule – 19 x 8mm

Tooling type: Multi-tip – Eurostandard D

Press type: Fette 2090 and 3090

 The multivitamin being compressed was very abrasive and the existing tooling supplied by a competitor could not be used after 5 batches of production (3.5 million tablets). The customer was experiencing high maintenance costs to replace the tools, high operational costs caused by film-coated tablet rejections, low tablet yield and high production costs due to running the tablet press in overtime. 

The customer was also using pin fixing multi 2’s and experienced broken pins and poor tip surface finishing.

 I Holland recommended and supplied punch sets with PharmaCote RS. We also changed the tool design from pin fixing to monoblock with a keyway. 

 The customer was very pleased to see an increase in production by 80%, from 110 to 200 KTPH. They also increased tooling longevity from 5 to 134 batches. This means that they are now producing 90 million tablets before having to replace their tools and they have improved their Overall Equipment Effectiveness of the site.

Mini case study on vitamins & abrasion.